You’ve been vaccinated

Congratulations! You’ve made the right choice, and you’re on your way to protecting yourself, your family, and your community!

“Fully vaccinated” means you’re 2 weeks or more after the final dose in your COVID vaccine series. For the Pfizer and Moderna brands, that means two weeks after the second dose. For the J&J (or “Janssen”) product, the series is only one dose, so you’re fully immune two weeks after that one dose.

What can I do once I’m fully vaccinated?

You’re now safe to get together with small groups of vaccinated people, indoors, with no masking and no social distancing. We’re talking here about small family gatherings, or small social gatherings.

You can also visit with one family of people (one group that lives together) who are NOT vaccinated, as long as they’re not at high risk of complications. For instance, vaccinated grandparents are welcome to have their own (unvaccinated) grandchildren over to visit with no masking or distancing.

What about larger gatherings?

Small gatherings are fine; medium to large gatherings are a bad idea, because it’s likely that in a larger group there will be unvaccinated people and people who are infectious (even with no symptoms.)

Though having one unvaccinated family visit, two or more unvaccinated families shouldn’t visit at the same time — that exposes them to each other and can spread illness.

Is traveling OK?

The CDC is recommending continued precautions when traveling. If possible, delay traveling for now.

What if I’m exposed to COVID?

If you’re fully vaccinated, most people do not have to quarantine or take special steps after an exposure to an index case (a potentially infectious person.) However, if you develop symptoms of COVID you should go get tested. Also, vaccinated individuals who live in group care settings should continue to quarantine if exposed.

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