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Kids exposed, kids who are sick — what should parents do?

recorded 1-17-2021

COVID news update: Vaccines, school safety, and why we should not be retesting positives

recorded 1-16-2021

COVID news update: Testing accuracy, kids and activities, new COVID variant emerging, and quarantine effectiveness

recorded 1-1-2021

Vaccine questions and answers

Recorded 12/20/2021

Quarantine update – shorter quarantine options

recorded 12/3/2020

COVID vaccine update – good news!

recorded 11/23/2020

Is it COVID, flu, or a common cold?

Recorded 11/3/2020

Can supplements like Vitamin D or Zinc help prevent or treat COVID?

Recorded 10/15/2020

News Update: The latest on therapeutics and controversies over vaccines and death counts

Recorded 9/7/2020

News update: Daycare safety, case fatality improvements, and good news on lasting immunity

recorded 8/25/2020

Vaping or smoking cigarettes makes you more susceptible to COVID

recorded 8/16/2020

Do you need to be retested after COVID to end isolation?

recorded 8/16/2020

How long is COVID immunity? (Maybe not 3 months)

recorded 6/16/2020

The new Russian COVID vaccine — does it work?

recorded 8/16/2020

Is there a safe and effective “immune booster” for your family? Yes!

Recorded 8/7/2020

What’s the chance of catching COVID from a household contact?

recorded 8/6/2020

The Australian school experience – some good news

recorded 8/4/2020

We can ensure a safe and effective vaccine in reduced time — but we need to be careful

recorded 8/4/2020

MIS-C update

recorded 8/2/2020

Lessons from GA summer camp outbreak

recorded 7/31/2020

Where are people catching COVID?

recorded 7/26/2020

One story that has made a huge difference

recorded 7/24/2020

COVID update: Good news and bad news

recorded 7/21/2020

COVID and children: an update with good and bad news

recorded 7/19/2020

Contest winner, blood type, and vaccine progress update

recorded 7/16/2020

You’ve been exposed — Now what do you do?

recorded 7-14-2020

Based on symptoms, who’s most likely to have COVID?

recorded 7/14/2020

Schools, preschools, and daycare — how should parents decide?

recorded 7/11/2020

Wearing a mask isn’t always easy — but YOU CAN DO IT! Tips and tricks to help everyone succeed

recorded 7/9/2020

Who needs COVID testing?

recorded 7/2/2020

Is COVID extra-risky in kids with asthma?

recorded 6/30/2020

Should parents send their kids to school?

recorded 6/28/2020

Can COVID spread when you flush the toilet?

recorded 6/28/2020

Do masks work?

Who “counts” as exposed? Who should isolate, and for how long?

COVID: What should schools be doing?

recorded 6/23/2020

Does your blood type affect COVID risk?

recorded 6/22/2020

COVID therapy – what works?

recorded 6/14/2020

COVID, polio, and MMR vaccines

recorded 6/14/2020

COVID superspreaders

recorded 6/13/2020

COVID news update

recorded 6/11/2020

Summer camp in the age of COVID

recorded 6/3/2020

COVID and swimming safety

recorded 6/2/2020

What to do if you’re exposed? Isolate!

recorded 5/31/2020

COVID transmission update

recorded 5/21/2020

Kids and masks

recorded 5/21/2020

Soccer, sports, and social distancing

recorded 5/17/2020

Now that the GA Shelter in Place order has lapsed

recorded 5/4/2020

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