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What should I do?

We have the power to stop COVID. It can be done, and it has been done in several countries. The most important and effective step is for all of us, individually, to do our part. What should you do, right now, to be part of the solution? That’s what this site is all about.

Your first step along the Covid Pathway is to figure out your category. What part of the path are you on? Everyone is in one of the three categories below. Which one is you?

What’s an “INDEX CASE”?

“Index Case” means you’ve either developed symptoms of COVID (and haven’t been tested yet), or you have tested positive for COVID. If you’re an Index Case, it’s crucial that you isolate yourself and stay home unless you need medical attention. Click here for more details about who’s an Index Case, what to do, and for how long you need to do it.

Who counts as “EXPOSED”?

By “exposed”, we mean exposed to an index case — someone from the category above. An exposure “counts” if you were with that individual for 15 minutes or more, within 6 feet. Index cases become contagious 2 days prior to symptoms. So your exposure “counts” if you were close to an index case within 2 days of the start of their symptoms or within 2 days of their positive test.

If you’ve been exposed to COVID, you should isolate yourself for 14 days starting on the day of exposure. Click here for more details about who should consider themselves exposed, what you should do, and for how long you need to do it.

I’m neither one!

Congrats, you’re neither an index case nor an exposed individual! You should follow the effective, appropriate social distancing steps that will help protect all of us. This is the largest group of people, and following these steps can have a huge impact on the overall pace of the spread of COVID. Please click here for more details about what we should be doing to protect everyone.

Do you have COVID? Have you been exposed? What should you do? This video inspired this entire website.
recorded 6/23/2020